Surgery Center Administrator (Aventura, FL)

Job Description:


Aventura, FL




MUST HAVE overseen an area where surgery is performed

Facility Name: Surgery Center of Aventura Location: Aventura, FL 33180
# of Beds Per Unit: 4 ORs 3 GI rooms Position Vacancy Period: 60 days
Nurse to Patient Ratio: N/A Orientation Schedule: N/A
Facility Size: 6 ORs 3 Procedure Rooms Monthly Department Volume: 500 cases/month
Turnover Rate for Dept.: Is it a Union Facility: NO
Types of Services: This is a multi-specialty surgery center with the primary specialties being GI, Ortho, ENT, and Pain
Length of Process:

How long till initial Phone screen: within 48 hours with recruiter

How long till next interview: The next interview will be with the VPO generally via phone and will be scheduled as soon as possible. It generally takes a few days.

How long till onsite (if required): The onsite consists of an interview panel at the CBO. If that goes well, then they will meet with the Medical Director and likely someone from the facility that could be other physician equity partners or employees of the center.

How is onsite handled: The recruiter will coordinate travel if needed and confirm interview time.

Are they open or willing to interview via (Skype, FaceTime, Duo, etc):

How long till offer: We are prepared to make an offer upon interviewing a qualified candidate.

How is the offer made (by facility via email, phone, are we able to make the offer): The offer is generally made by the recruiter to the candidate. This will be left to VPO discretion.

Type of culture (management style) of director or on the floor: This is a surgery center, the Administrator reports to a VPO that is not based in the center. The Administrator is the primary person that sets the tone and has oversight of the entire facility. There are several changes taking place in both the Administrator role and with support staff in the center. SCA is a very high potential center that is poised for success. We do need a leader that knows how to create and maintain a successful culture.

Skills from other units that they feel will prepare the candidate for their unit:
This is a standalone facility. The background required for this role is someone that has overseen surgery center operations or has been in leadership in a hospital overseeing the OR.
What has and hasn’t worked with personality/skill types: We need a strong operator that has command of managing a P&L and financial operations. From a personality perspective, we need someone that can navigate equity partnerships, form relationships to maximize block utilization, form relationships to increase the number of physicians that use the center to perform surgery or become partners, manage productivity, control supply costs, manage a clinical team and front office staff, ensure that the center is ready for facility audits, promote employee engagement, physician satisfaction, and patient satisfaction.

Position Details
Title: Surgery Center Administrator # FTEs (MGR/DIR only) : 50+
Job Department: This position oversees all of operations for a stand alone surgery center.

Shift: Primarily Monday- Friday day shift
Culture of the facility/ unit: Any change in Administrator creates a platform for culture enhancement due to the scope of the role. We have a strong group of physician partners that are looking for the right leader to advance the success of the center.
Credential Requirements: N/A
Education Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree preferred, willing to consider
Experience Requirements: EDUCATION
•Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Nursing or related field preferred
•Equivalent work experience may substitute degree requirement

Any specific licensures/ certifications needed: N/A Will you accept pending license: N/A

FTEs in the unit: There are 50+ full-time employees in the unit. What is core: N/A
Mid-Range for Perm: 130k Any Quality Issues: No
Compensation Details (Salary, Sign-on, Relo Asst. Shift diff, benefits, etc.):
$111- $ 160K with a 15% on target bonus that can be doubled to 30% based on performance, no sign-on, relocation assistance provided, benefits – summary attached,
When will this position be vacant: It is vacant now
How has candidate flow been: Low
Reason for vacancy: We need new leadership to help the center reach its potential
Internal Succession Plan: N/A
Current Coverage: Interim Administrator
Reporting structure: The Administrator reports to a VPO. The Administrator oversees the whole center with direct reports being the PreOp/PACU manager, OR manager, and Business Office Supervisor. The center is 49% owned by physician partners and 51% owned by the hospital organization. Each center has a Medical Director that is the primary voice of the partners and works side by side with the Administrator to drive success. Any surgeon can utilize the facility and a key area of focus is to increase the number of cases done at the center.
Top 3 objectives:
1. Establish a positive culture to enhance employee engagement, patient satisfaction, and physician satisfaction.
2. Recruit physicians to utilize the center or become partners to increase volume to the point of expansion.
3. Make sure the facility is clinical audit ready and managing controllable costs to increase profitability.

Additional Information
What outside of the job description are you looking for in a candidate?
What efforts if any have been taken internally by the facility to staff this position? The position has been posted and has had sourcing focus.
Are any candidates currently being considered? No current candidates
Miscellaneous information that will be helpful in identifying qualified candidates: Please have the candidate answer the following prior to submittal:
1. What is most important to you in regards to your next opportunity? Why are you currently considering roles?
2. What scale of operations have you overseen in terms of revenue annually? What were your responsibilities in managing a profit and loss statement for an entity and department? What was the budgeting process?
3. How many cases were you doing/month? What are the primary specialties?
4. How many employees have you directly supervised? What were their titles?
5. How many indirect reports have you overseen?
6. Do you have experience presenting to senior executives data around financial and/or clinical performance?
7. What are a few examples of ways that you have increased the profitability of the operations you were overseeing?
8. What is your experience with managing physician relations? Do you have experience working with equity partners? What is your background in recruiting physicians?
9. What accomplishment are you most proud of related to healthcare operations??
10. What is your target compensation?

General Comments
Surgery Center of Aventura:
•Not Clinical – Over involved clinically
•Multi-specialty – Business oriented
•Strong partners, involved not complainers, 21
•Growing and looking to expand
•4 ORs, 3 GI rooms and expanding to 5
•500 cases/month GI, Ortho, ENT, pain, General surgery
•Great location, expensive
•Close the beach 3 miles
•Strong economy good payor mix
•OR Manager – Preop/Pacu Manger