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About The Owner

Jeffrey Reotutar

Born and raised in the Island of Guam, Jeffrey Reotutar leads 2ReoSons Management, LLC’s core business operations in Orlando, Florida. He has decades of combined experience working within the HR Solutions and staffing industry.

Passionate for preparing the workforce for tomorrow, Jeffrey has a strong track record of leading teams where performance, customer centricity, and people development are key pillars. His commitment to the human capital marketplace runs deeper than the balance sheet.

A Summa Cum Laude graduate, Jeffrey plays an integral role in driving 2ReoSons Management, LLC’s transformation as a data-driven organization with a powerful human touch. He completed his CLS Program and earned a Master of Science in Health Care Administration.

He knew he wanted to focus on enriching employment opportunities for more and more people. Under his leadership, 2ReoSons Management is championing today’s temporary workers while delivering a best-in-class experience to organizations in need of their skills.

Jeffrey knows how important a job is in a person’s life, and he has always been passionate about supporting people and organizations to realize their true potential. He leverages his industry knowledge and passion for helping connect people to work on multiple fronts.

In his role as an owner, Jeffrey has embraced the waves of technological changes and ever- shifting trends in the human capital marketplace. He believes the opportunity to impact people’s lives at multiple points throughout their professional life cycle is an honor few other professions enjoy.

Prior to being an owner of 2ReoSons Management, Jeffrey held the role of a Laboratory Manager by trade; he has overseen a full breath of corporate functions. His experiences and his knowledge have made Jeffrey a passionate advocate for innovation and agility.

Jeffrey has moved more upwardly in the recruiting and staffing industry and understands the importance of making just the right matches that fit everyone’s needs. He always implements new processes from inception to finish that are of value in quality and quantity.

These traits are central to 2ReoSons Management’s new way of organizing the company to accelerate growth in chosen specialties. Jeffrey leads his teams to build business success based on connecting great companies with great talent.

He works to cultivate high-performing teams and delivering on 2ReoSons Management’s brand promise – empowering individuals to achieve lifelong employability. Under his leadership, the organization has significantly improved its strategic client delivery and fulfilment in many client staffing programs.

Jeffrey leverages a breadth of expertise to drive a culture of customer satisfaction, employee retention, business innovation, and execution excellence. He embraces innovation and solution-oriented planning towards meeting the marketplace’s need for a more consultative approach to helping both clients and candidates.

He at 2ReoSons Management enjoys working with clients to help understand their hiring needs and bring them the best people not only right for the job but also the perfect team fit, making a positive impact in the marketplace.

In addition to that, Jeffrey loves working with candidates to understand where they are in their careers and how the organization can help bring them to the next level.

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